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 We believe in the long-term loyal relationships , in mutual growth and sharing of results.

SkinSystem has been manufacturing depilatory waxes for third parties since 1996. The company philosophy is to guarantee global quality in terms of products, services, attention to the needs of each individual customer, availability and professionalism.

The continuous commitment to research and development, with the consequent constant improvement of our products and professional skills, has led us to gain the esteem of our customers and collaborators over the years.

In addition, the experience gained in over 20 years in the production of epilation waxes and the deep knowledge of the market and its rapid changes, allows us to offer additional services and targeted professional advice, in order to simplify the work and ensure the satisfaction of our customers, with whom we grow by maintaining loyal and lasting partnerships.

We guide our customers towards wise and profitable choices in relation to their specific needs, allowing them to distribute our brand even with exclusive sales areas or to stand out on the market through the creation of customised products specifically designed according to their needs, even with small quantities.

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Products for Beauty Centres, Spas, Beauty Salons, Medical Practices, Pharmacies and Parapharmacies

We produce products of high and consistent quality and offer additional services and professional advice in order to simplify the work and guarantee the satisfaction of our partners.

Distributors and Resellers

Our customers:

Companies operating in the field of professional hair removal or sales to the public

Companies operating in the professional cosmetics sector or selling to the public

Companies that want to supplement their cosmetic lines with specific products for hair removal

Companies that want to complement their hair removal line with professional cosmetic lines

Private Label

Our products with your brand

We offer our customers the possibility of creating their own customised line, following them at every stage of the process, from the choice of raw materials to the placement of the product on the national and international market.

We support the customer in choosing the type of product, packaging and graphics according to the target market, enabling them to stand out from their competitors.

Our Technical Laboratories, with their over twenty years of knowledge and constant research into new raw materials, are able to advise the customer on the choice of active ingredients for personalised formulations.

Our Graphic Department, attentive to every element of style and functionality, will create, in collaboration with the customer, customised graphics to define the commercial image of his product.

Our Sales Department, in collaboration with the Technical Department, will assist the customer in all the bureaucratic steps necessary to get the product onto the market, from registration with the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) to the documentation required for export.


Depilatory waxes: Fat soluble, Hot Wax, Water soluble 100% Natural, Sugar Paste, Brazilian
Pre and post-epilation products:Powders, Gels, Scrubs, Oils, Emulsions, Lotions.
Formats: Refill 100ml, Jar 400gr, Jar 800gr, Discs, Beads, Bunches.


Cosmetic products: Milks, Toners, Scrubs and Peelings, Creams, Emulsions, Masks, Synergies and Concentrates, Gels, Mud, Bandages, Oils, Milks, Butters, Sprays, Mousses.
(Specific products for face and body, hands and feet: anti-ageing, for dry and sensitive skin, sebum-balancing, moisturising, purifying, revitalising, exfoliating, firming, toning and anti-cellulite, for sport and massage).