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Epilation Line

Professional Beauty Products

Depilation products: manufacturers and suppliers of waxes for hair removal

Backed by 28 years of experience in the epilation wax production sector, SkinSystem offers beauty professionals a wide range of professional epilation waxes suitable for all skin types and able to satisfy every need.

SkinSystem’s production capacity allows it to meet the needs of customers of all sizes with facilities that provide flexibility and efficiency depending on the quantities required.

The constant search for raw materials enables the production of products that meet high quality standards.

The laboratories are constantly engaged in research and development.

Meticulous quality control at every stage of product manufacture ensures that the product meets the customer’s requirements and complies with the relevant regulations.

The company operates in accordance with EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223:2009 and ISO 22716 (GMP – good manufacturing practice), thus ensuring product safety and consumer health.

SkinSystem is committed to continuous improvement of its performance in order to ensure full customer satisfaction.


Professional liposoluble

Traditional depilatory waxes.

Made with natural resins extracted from the pine tree and refined with particular esterification processes. Hypoallergenic and free of heavy metals, they are suitable for all skin types. The particular texture of the product allows the application in a very thin layer ensuring a tear and a perfect epilation also in the case of short and strong hairs.
Hypoallergenic and free of heavy metals. Suitable for all skin types, they guarantee a firm pull and perfect epilation.

CLASSICS: decisive and precise tear!

  • for short, strong hair
  • for all types of skin

LIPOSOLUBLE: its residues are removed with oily solvents.

Available in variants:
Honey / Olive oil / Chlorophyll / Azulene / Geranium

Available in variants:
Milk White / Talc / Fruity / Aloe Vera / Rose / Chocolate


Professional liposoluble

Titanium dioxide based waxes

Titanium dioxide gives the wax softness in the tear and excellent adherence to the hair, with the result of a perfect epilation even in cases of hard and short hairs, with low traumatic impact. Particularly indicated in summer, it keeps the tan unchanged and leaves the skin soft, silky and hydrated.

EXTRA GENTLE: for particularly sensitive areas.
  • ideal for groin, face and armpit area
  • for tough and coarse hair
  • hypoallergenic and free of heavy metals

TITANIUM DIOXIDE: the high adhesion coefficient to the hair shaft ensures gentle epilation of delicate and sensitive areas such as groin, face and armpit area.
LIPOSOLUBLE: its residues are removed with oily solvents.

Particularly suitable for summer periods, the professional titanium dioxide wax keeps the tan intact and leaves the skin soft, silky and moisturised.


Professional liposoluble

Traditional depilatory wax, non-traumatic peeling.

Extra soft with a very sweet, soft and delicate tear, particularly suitable for sensitive, dry, dehydrated or prone to reddened skin and non-pathological irritations. Zinc Oxide has a decongestant, soothing, restorative and restorative action on the epidermis, an astringent and soothing effect on the skin as it forms a protective barrier.

ZINC OXIDE: it makes the tear non-traumatic. Its decongestant and soothing action also performs an important repairing and reconstituting function on the epidermis.
LIPOSOLUBLE: its residues are removed with oily solvents.

EXTRA SWEET: soft and gentle tear!
  • for first depilations
  • for problems related to capillary fragility

Available in variants:
Pearl / Jade / Argan / Amethyst / Quartz

Available in variants:
Micromica / Litsea / Melissa / Gold



Extra soft and with a very sweet and gentle tear, these waxes are particularly suitable for sensitive, dry, dehydrated or reddened skin.


Composed of refined natural pine resins, beeswax and pharmaceutical grade paraffins. The beeswax makes the product elastic, soft and durable even after repeated heating. 

  • They ensure a soft and effective tear-off. 
  • They do not require the use of tnt strips.

Available in variants:

Available in variants:
Honey Cream / Chlorophyll Cream / Pink Cream / Violet Cream / White Vanilla Cream / Black Orchid Cream/ Azulene Cream / Bronze Cream / Gold Cream


Cera brasiliana in perline

Pebbles High Quality: Brazilian Pebbles Wax, the Brazilian wax in beads, safe and 100% Made in Italy, concentrates Skin System products’ effectiveness and delicacy on the skin in small capsules. An innovative product born of traditional hair removal methods, reformulated and enriched with precious raw materials, guarantees a soft and effective tear in respect of skins the most sensitive to pain.

  • Disposable, practical and quick, it guarantees compliance with hygiene rules.
  • They incorporate the hair with precision and tenacity, even the shortest and strongest hair, and do not stick to the skin, thus reducing skin discomfort during removal to zero.
  • Low melting temperature, slightly above body temperature, which produces a comfortable effect on the skin when applying. 
  • Correct hair extraction prevents abnormal growth under the skin, the cause of ingrown hairs and folliculitis.
  • Strip-free removal that allows greater freedom of movement and can therefore also be used to epilate intimate and small parts.
  • Over time, they guarantee a thinning and reduction of hair, leaving the skin silky smooth and extending the time between waxings.
  • They are also ideal in combination with pulsed light sessions, improving the result.


The Ultimate Waxing Experience

The Wax – The Ultimate Waxing Experience

The Wax is not a wax, but “The Wax” born from 30 years of experience in the production of depilatory wax.
SkinSystem identified the characteristics that made each of its waxes special and combined them to offer “the ultimate waxing experience”!
Imagine a magical fusion of versatility, elasticity, precision, effectiveness, delicacy, all contained in small, precious capsules with immeasurable potential.

The Wax is

The totally hypoallergenic wax suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and reactive ones.
The extremely-easy-to-apply wax. It glides on the skin, soft and flexible, adapts to any type of manual skill and application technique.
The easy-to-remove wax, that leaves no residue.
The wax that effectively incorporates even the largest and most tenacious hairs, extracting them from the bulb, respecting the skin.
The unique wax, able to shape itself and adapt to all parts of the body, even the most vulnerable and difficult to epilate.
The precise and capillary multidirectional wax that does not require second steps and waste of product.
The extremely soft and comfortable wax, which does not adhere to the skin, making hair removal a pleasant and painless experience.

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depilação do Brasil


The real and only Brazilian wax, without stripes!

Suitable for all skin types, from soft and surgical tearing to low thermal impact on the skin. The Brazilian Skin System waxing, thanks to the high adhesion coefficient, incorporates the hair shaft without adhering to the skin, thus ensuring epilation:

  • Almost painless
  • Precise also in the presence of particularly short and tenacious hairs
  • Ideal in the summer because it does not spoil the tan
  • Indicated in cases of particularly sensitive skin
  • Suitable for male depilation
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Regenerates skin cells while depilating.

Black Orchid Professional Line for hair removal protects the skin and regenerates the tissues, reducing the epidermal trauma and its relative to almost zero redness caused by hair removal. With an elegant orchid fragrance Black, it is ideal for sensitive skin; It has moisturizing, emollient, protective and energizing properties and naturally gives tone to the treated tissues.

  • Suitable for all skin types, especially for people with sensitive skin.
  • Available in two versions: LIPOSOLUBLE or ELASTIC (without
    TNT strips).
  • Low melting point and less thermal discomfort on the skin!
  • Pleasant scent of Black Orchid

Effectiveness, naturalness, practicality and ease of application and use, combined with attractive graphics and a competitive price, make this product unique!


  • Suitable for all skin types, this wax is very delicate.
  • Available in two versions: LIPOSOLUBLE or ELASTIC (without strips).
  • Low melting point and less thermal discomfort on the skin.
  • Pleasant scent and soft spread.



Without resins for sugaring

100% NATURAL: without dyes, thickeners or polyvinyls soft and delicate tear!
  • for problems related to capillary fragility
  • for allergic people

RIP IN THE SENSE OF THE HAIR: makes tearing non-traumatic..
HYDROSOLUBLE: its residues are removed with hot water.
SUGAR and HONEY: moisturizers and decongestants, have a soothing and restorative action of the epidermis.

The professional SUGAR PASTE wax is applied with your hands or spatula, in the opposite direction to the hair growth. At the first application it will be harder, so spread it out gently to melt it with the heat of the customer. When it becomes soft, proceed with the large spread.

In the SUGARING method, tearing occurs in the direction of hair growth.
The wax can be reused many times, when it loses elasticity, replace it with a new quantity. The residues can be removed with hot water.

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Hydrosoluble 100% Natural

waxes without resins

100% natural: lemon, honey and sugar. Without paraffin oil, dyes, preservatives or chemical additives. Originally the basis of traditional female epilation, it offers a very valid alternative to the prized liposoluble waxes, which makes it a particularly suitable product for teenagers and for those who are attentive to natural life.”.

  • Suitable for all skin types especially for people with allergies or sensitive skin
  • It’s used like a normal lipo wax, but its residues can be easily removed with simple water!
  • Lower melting point and less thermal discomfort on the skin!
  • Possibility of easy heating in microwave or bain-marie
  • Pleasant natural scent of caramel


professional epilation

Thanks to more than 25 years’ experience in the professional hair removal sector, SkinSystem and its team of professionals have developed hair removal protocols tailored to the skin type and the needs of the professional, guaranteeing results with proven effectiveness.

The use of innovative biotechnologies and selected raw materials mixed with phytotherapeutic active ingredients and patented molecules have made it possible to create epilation waxes that meet all professional requirements.

1996 – 2024

For 28 years alongside professionals of the cosmetic sector.

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